XOLTA’s intelligent solar battery systems are the smart way to store solar energy. You’ll find indoor and outdoor products suited to a wide variety of applications. Get dependable, long-lasting performance, too – with 24/7/365 monitoring of the system.


A solar battery is an efficient way to save the energy your solar cells generate for later use. Without one, you might be losing money or wasting the energy you’re not using directly.

An intelligent solar battery ensures you get the most out of your solar energy at all times of day and under all conditions. Plus, it gets you the best deal on electricity from the grid. The larger batteries enable you to sell your excess battery capacity as well.


The compact XOLTA BAT-5/10 is the ideal solar battery system to meet home energy needs. Its smaller size, ability to be placed outside and capacity match most private solar installations.


How to store solar energy for housing associations? Choose from the XOLTA BAT-79 Outdoors and BAT-79 Indoors. For smaller solar installations, take a look at the BAT-5/10.


Both the XOLTA BAT-79 Indoors and BAT-79 Outdoors help businesses control how to store solar energy. If your capacity needs are smaller, one or more compact BAT-5/10 could be your best fit.


The XOLTA BAT-79 Indoors and BAT-79 Outdoors enable utilities to handle fluctuations in the grid more efficiently.

Built for safety and long life

Battery Cells

All our products go through rigorous tests to comply with the toughest safety regulations. We use the same battery cells that hold the energy to drive more than 430.000 electric cars around the world. The chemistry used in the XOLTA batteries is Li-ion NMC, providing a safe, high energy density battery with a wide operational temperature band, making it an ideal choice for energy storage.


Each battery module is fitted with temperature sensors monitored by an advanced battery management system, securing long lifetime and safe operation. Battery management is our heritage and the XOLTA energy storage system is a product of knowledge accumulated over more than 10 years. The XOLTA battery system is installed with a state of the art n-BMS controlling up to a 1000 V.

Functional safety

  • Self-test and redundancy
  • Open circuit detection

Battery life

  • Manage cell temperature
  • High frequency sampling for detection of pulses
  • Intelligent passive balancing

Performance and diagnostics

  • ±1.5 mV accuracy
  • ±1 °C accuracy
  • <1% error on SOC
  • Low power consumption

The rack holding the XOLTA battery modules is designed for durability and extraordinary safety. For optimal performance, Li-ion batteries are needed to be operated within a set temperature environment. Special attention has therefore been invested into testing air flows and designing the rack to secure the right circulation keeping the batteries within their zone of optimal performance at all times.

Inside the rack the battery is made up of 8 individual contained battery modules. The enclosure of each battery module and a further subdivision of these are designed as an effective firewall meeting even the strictest safety regulations.

Ballen harbor, on the Danish island of Samsø, stores excess solar energy in XOLTA 237 kWh batteries and uses it for wastewater pumps, saunas, underfloor heating and more. This contributes to Samsø’s commitment to a sustainable, renewable future.

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