BAT-79 (Indoors)

Battery Energy Storage System


  • full modularity in building blocks of 79 kWh, maximum power 1.6MW and maximum capacity 2.5MWh
  • build for extraordinary safety, space-saving and minimum O&M cost
  • ultra-low auxiliary power consumption during standby for battery system and inverter
  • build in site controller manage the entire BESS and act as a energy management system (EMS) facilitating power dispatch, safe system operation, communication with all system peripherals, data acquisition, communication with cloud and system diagnostics.
  • improving renewable energy self-consumption (storing during daytime for usage during the night)
  • cloud access allowing for system monitoring, control and data acquisition
  • ROI maximized by using advanced algorithms in the cloud considering consumption patterns as well as energy and weather forecast data.
  • integration of external energy meters and other auxiliaries e.g. heat pumps and EV charging

Technical properties of single battery rack

  • State of the art battery management system (BMS) assuring over/under voltage and over/under temperature monitoring for each individual battery cell
  • Redundant battery cut-off relays controlled by BMS
  • Temperature sensor for each battery module
  • Active current and control depending on battery cells temperature and state of charge (SoC)
  • Closed metal housing designed to assure no fire propagation between battery modules in case of battery thermal runaway
  • External mechanical emergency stop button
  • System diagnostics, error handling and automatic storage system grid connection/disconnection controlled by site controller

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