BAT-79 (Outdoor)

Battery Energy Storage System


  • Full modularity in building blocks of 79 kWh, maximum power 1.6MW and maximum capacity 2.5MWh
  • Build for extraordinary safety, space-saving and minimum O&M cost
  • Ultra-low auxiliary power consumption during standby for battery system and inverter
  • Built in site controller manage the entire BESS and act as a energy management system (EMS) facilitating power dispatch, safe system operation, communication with all system peripherals, data acquisition, communication with cloud and system diagnostics
  • Choice of different operating modes for providing grid support services: frequency, voltage regulation, peak shaving, transmission upgrade deferral, power on demand, energy arbitrage, synthetic inertia, black start
  • Possibility of island operation (independence from the grid)
  • Other: selectable harmonic mitigation (up to 50th), load balancing, stepless reactive power compensation, dynamic active and reactive power control (possibility of individual power control of each individual phase)

Technical properties of single battery rack

  • State of the art battery management system (BMS) assuring over/under voltage and over/under temperature monitoring for each individual battery cell
  • Redundant battery cut-off relays controlled by BMS
  • Temperature sensor for each battery module
  • Active current and control depending on battery cells temperature and state of charge (SoC)
  • Closed metal housing designed to assure no fire propagation between battery modules in case of battery thermal runaway
  • External mechanical emergency stop button
  • System diagnostics, error handling and automatic storage system grid connection/disconnection controlled by site controller

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