The XOLTA team comes primarily from the automotive, industrial, battery, electronics, and test and measurement sectors. It’s a multi-national team, and every employee has international work experience. We love what we do! (Well, 99% of the time, anyway.)


Call us biased, but it’s a great bunch. Get to know a few members of our team here.

Christian Bjørn Rasmussen

Production Management Engineer

“Working at XOLTA is super exciting. It takes all my project experience to get a production up and running, and it’s great to be part of something so innovative. XOLTA is a first mover in an area that everybody thinks is needed to ensure a sustainable world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? I also spend a lot of my spare time in nature, and to go to work and be part of something that is helping to save nature – it feels really good.”


R&D Engineer – System Control Algorithm

“Since it’s a small company, there is a lot of flexibility. You get to know about lots of different things, and I love that I get to see the overall view of how the company operates. I think it must be more boring at a big company. At the same time, since we’re small, each of us has to take on a lot of responsibility. It’s a really good place for people who like to take charge and achieve something for themselves.”


Lead Cloud Software Engineer

“I’ve wanted to work in the energy sector for a long time. You know, a guitar sounds the way it does because of its strings. And my guitar strings really resonate well with energy. I came here from a company with 15,000 people, and I like how things are more direct here. You hold the steering wheel, and things really happen. It’s a very solution-oriented place. The focus is on getting things done, and management backs you up when you say ‘we need this.”


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