Climate nerd has chosen XOLTA

Jonas Clausen and his family have already come a long way towards green transition. Solar cells on the roof, electric car in the driveway and XOLTA solar battery on the wall by the terrace.

The family includes mom, dad and three children, aged 2 to 11.
“Our children have green expectations. Fortunately,” says Jonas Clausen. And to a large extent, he does too, which is why home-produced green electricity is a key element in his home.

Three benefits

Briefly summarized, there are three reasons why Jonas Clausen has chosen XOLTA as the battery solution: The battery can be placed outdoors, the design is stylish and finally, the web app provides a detailed overview of battery use, solar production and the electricity consumption of the house.

“I do not want to clear space for a solar cell battery inside the house. So, for me it’s important that XOLTA delivers a battery designed to be placed outdoors and working in any temperature. The way it looks is also very important: To be honest, the slightly older solar batteries can look rather ridiculous. But the battery from XOLTA is really nice and discreet”, says Jonas Clausen.

And then he pulls out his cell phone.

Great overview

The third reason why he chose XOLTA is the digital overview of battery performance and power consumption via the web app provided by XOLTA. Interactive curves and clear graphs give Jonas Clausen a wide range of data on the family’s production and consumption of electricity. Data that is never older than one minute. Data that can be calculated in periods that you define yourself, and with a high degree of detail. As we talk in the sunny weather, we can see that the family produces more electricity than it uses, even when the car is charging.
“Then I’m happy, because now there is electricity on the battery for tonight. It is very satisfying to be able to use your own green electricity, during the day, in the evening and often also at night,” says Jonas Clausen.

Green is important, fun and smart

Jonas Clausen believes that it must be the task of his generation to pass on a better earth to future generations. And he’s hard at work.

“But it’s also just basically fun to be your own electricity producer. To become “self-sufficient”; and organize consumption so that it becomes optimal, as cheap and green as possible. When we go on a trip in the electric car, it is a joy for all five of us that we drive on green and free solar energy, that we have produced via the solar cells, stored in the XOLTA battery and brought into the car. Then we’re ready to go on green adventures,” says Jonas Clausen.

And returns to the web app.


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