20% of the profit is used on Green Conversion

At Haarup Maskinfabrik, where they produce mixing machines for the construction industry, director and owner, Hans Christensen, has taken the green transition upon himself. He has just installed another 7 solar batteries from XOLTA for his solar installation and now totals 12 battery systems. This means that the factory is self-sufficient in energy from March to November and needs to purchase only 50% of its electricity in the winter. Simply because the XOLTA batteries store the excess solar energy and use it when needed.

And that is, among other things, at night. The fans on the paint floor never turn off, nor does the heat, and the servers run constantly.

200 hours, DKK 14.5 million

Of course, the entire car fleet is also electrically powered.
”Green conversion is good business. We pretty much supply ourselves with energy. And the energy consumption is far less compared to using gas, because the solar cells, the XOLTA batteries and heat pumps are so very efficient. As a business leader, you should also think about what it can cost in the long run not to take the green route.
When politicians do not push hard for this, it is up to us to get going,” says Hans Christensen.

If some people think that green conversion is expensive, difficult and requires expertise, think again. For the past five years, Hans Christensen has spent a total of 200 of his own working hours and 20% of the factory’s profits annually on completing his successful green conversion at Haarup Maskinfabrik. He thinks this is a surprisingly modest effort.

Good suppliers are important

But for Hans Christensen, success is also about choosing good suppliers.
”I chose XOLTA as a solar battery supplier because their batteries just work, and because the company develops and produces them here in Denmark. It is important to me that I can call XOLTA’s engineers to get technical advice – and maybe suggest a new feature in the software. The green transition is, on some levels, a new area for all of us, so it’s good to have a close relationship with XOLTA. We are in it together”, concludes Hans Christensen.