• Grid-side storage

Grid-side storage

The situation

A PV plant with 75 kW power has been installed at a sports arena in Skive and during sunny days the voltage level on the local feeder line fluctuates, requiring voltage support for voltage level balancing. However, currently all 10kV/0.4kV transformer stations are manually operated in Skive and without any voltage support unit. Therefore, DSO needs to send an electrician out for transformer tap changing.

The solution

Installation of an energy storage with an energy flux control algorithm that can postpone battery charging until the solar-peak. Therefore, PV production will not inject into the grid at random times, but at optimal times.

The outcome

For the grid operator, it eventually prevents the voltage fluctuation caused by the peak PV power during the day and avoid the cost of strengthening the grid.

For the sports arena, solar energy produced midday is saved for late afternoon and evening use. Especially after the current feed-in tariff scheme has ended, the energy cost will be reduced by optimal use of the solar production.


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