Housing cooperatives have climate high on their agenda

More and more housing cooperatives are investing in solar cells and solar batteries to increase their sustainability and save on electricity costs.

At Ejendomsudvikler Tetris A/S, who builds rental apartments across the country, solar cells with batteries are a fixed part of many of their new constructions. At Ibihaven in Slagelse, Denmark XOLTA solar batteries support the solar cells. Residents are happy with the green profile; they want to be an active part of climate change and to save on electricity costs.

Annette Moseholm Scheel, project manager at Tetris A/S, says:
“With solar cells, the building itself produces part of the electricity used there. And with the connected XOLTA solar batteries, the consumption of purchased electricity is reduced because the battery stores the produced electricity. That way your own electricity can still be used when the sun is not shining. At Ibihaven, the electricity from the batteries is used for lighting in common areas, such as the atrium garden and on the path outside, for example”.
3 XOLTA 10kWh batteries have been installed at Ibihaven, which has 76 rentals. 2 new buildings, in the Danish cities Næstved and Holbæk, will also have solar cells with XOLTA batteries.

Solar cells with a battery provide much better utilization of the solar cells

Solar cells with a battery are an obvious solution when you want to integrate green environmental changes into a housing cooperative. And it is easy to do. The solar cells are on the roof. The XOLTA batteries are installed outside on a wall or on a base. When the batteries are connected, a cooperative will experience much better utilization of their solar cells and be able to use more of the green electricity they produce. After some years, a solar installation with a battery will have paid for itself, and a large portion of the electricity used by the residents will not cost anything.

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