From: DKK 59.495,00

The solar battery for private homes, small businesses and housing associations.
Choose BAT-10 for a solar cell installation of 6 kW or more to get an even higher degree of self-reliance.

Installation costs of DKK 9995 will be added in your basket. Any additional costs will paid directly to the installer.

If you wish to order more than one battery, please contact us for an offer at [email protected] or +45 70602017


With a XOLTA solar cell battery, you can save your self-produced, green energy for later.
Take advantage of the sun even if you’re not home when it shines. And use its power when there’s no sunlight, too.

A XOLTA solar cell battery ensures that you get more out of your solar cell investment, save on your electricity bill and significantly increase your sustainability profile.

In short:

  • Get more out of your solar cells, year-round, around-the-clock
  • Secure the best deal whenever you use solar energy or power from the grid
  • Contribute to a more sustainable planet
  • Take control of your energy and depend less on the grid

Additional information


Wall mounted



Dimensions (in mm)

H772 x W664,5 x D259,5




IP55 rating (dust and water jet-proof)


No noise from the battery


Combine up to 3 batteries as needed

Peace-of-Mind Agreement

10 years’ peace of mind

During the 10-years of Peace-of-Mind Agreement, you get expert support for your solar cell battery at no extra cost. XOLTA works only with authorized electricians who know our advanced products inside and out. No matter what happens to your battery, you will incur no additional charges during the agreement period.
In addition, you are guaranteed automatic software updates, hotline access and monitoring of the battery 24/7/365 for optimal performance

XOLTA’s Peace-of-Mind Agreement is one of the best on the market. You pay only 495kr/year for the BAT-5 and 595kr/year for the BAT-10, and you’re covered from day 1. You are invoiced annually – initially, when you buy your battery and thereafter at the end of a year passed in the agreement. You cannot enter the agreement at a later point in time; it has to be done at time of purchase of the battery. You can always discontinue the agreement with one month’s notice after the end of the current month. In that case you will be reimbursed for months already paid.

If you do not want XOLTA’s Peace-of-Mind Agreement, you are of course covered by the 2-year, mandatory warranty period. Should you need support from an installer/electrician after this period, it will be invoiced at 750kr/hour + 3.5kr/km for driving. Islands must be connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Read more about the Peace of mind agreement

Energy meter

Your battery will be delivered with an energy meter.
The meter is a 3-phase consumption and solar production meter. It is used to control when the battery charges and discharges. If, for example, the solar panels produce more energy than the house uses, the battery will automatically store the surplus solar production. If, however, the meter shows that consumption exceeds production, the battery can cover the excess use with stored energy.

The meter is delivered as 3 parts:
1 x MODBUS energy analyzer
2 x 3-phased current transformers (60a)


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