The XOLTA batteries are working in a range of different applications across Europe each supporting the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Below are a few examples of these applications. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from a XOLTA battery.

Smart Buildings


At Ringgaarden a social housing association in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark is undergoing a major transition.


In Bolzano/Italy a parking house fitted with a 149kW PV installation is connected to a 79 kWh XOLTA battery. EV charging stations will charge the electric vehicles with the energy produced by the PV installation.


Most of the year, Samsø a small danish island , produces more power from solar cells and wind turbines than they can consume locally and therefore exports it to the mainland.

Grid support

Combining eletric rail transport and storage

Light-railway networks and distribution networks were developed independently, and they are highly dependent on the reliability of existing power supplies.

Grid-side storage

A PV plant with 75 kW power has been installed at a sports arena in Skive, and during sunny days the voltage level on the local feeder line fluctuates requiring voltage support for voltage level balancing.


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