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Order your new BAT-5 or BAT-10 and get the most out of your solar cells.

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A XOLTA solar cell battery enables you to get even more out of your solar cells.

BAT-5 and BAT-10 are developed specifically for small solar cell installations. This makes them ideal for private homes, small businesses and housing associations. Both let you save your renewable energy and use it at times when the sun isn’t shining.


The first BAT-5 and BAT-10 batteries will be ready for delivery from June, 2021.
Orders placed before then should be considered pre-orders that will have a longer delivery time than the usual approx. 3-4 weeks.

Thank you for your patience.


From: DKK 39.495,00

Ideal for a 4-6 kW solar cell installation, which is the standard for many Danish roofs.


From: DKK 59.495,00

The choice if you are looking for even more self-reliance and independence from the grid.

If you wish to order more than one battery, please contact us for an offer at [email protected] or +45 70602017

Delivery & installation

BAT-5 and BAT-10 are delivered and installed by our installation partner. We deliver all over Denmark, excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands. When buying a battery in the webshop, freight is included to Denmark, however, only to islands connected to the mainland by bridge.

When you place your order, we’ll notify the installer. They will then contact you to agree on a date for an inspection of your property as well as the installation date.

You can expect to be contacted by our installer within 3 business days from receipt of the order confirmation.

Standard installation

A standard installation includes:

  • Inspection
  • Installation up to 35m, wall mounted/in ground cabling in steel or PVC conduit
  • Mounting of battery on brick/concrete wall at a height of max. 1m (upper edge)
  • Installation on the same house as the electrical panel is located
  • Installation in electrical panel/configuration of UG2
  • Installation of energy meter in existing electrical panel
  • Cabling of internet up to 35m from router, directly or via wall mounted PVC conduit
  • Installation test
  • Functional test
  • Registration with grid company

To carry out a standard installation there must be:

  • Clear access ways
  • Clear access ways for cabling from battery to the electrical panel and for internet cabling

A standard installation does NOT include:

  • Installation in apartment building
  • Cabling of more than 35m
  • Hidden installation
  • Digging
  • Scaffolding/lift work
  • Installation on islands not connected to the mainland by a bridge

You’ll pay for standard installation when you buy the battery in the XOLTA webshop. Any additional costs must be paid directly to the installer.

Prices are as follows:
Standard installation: DKK 9,995
Installation of an extra battery next to the first one: DKK 3,245
Extra for all islands not connected to the mainland by a bridge: DKK 1,950


The meter is a 3-phase consumption and solar production meter. It is used to control when the battery charges and discharges.

If, for example, the solar panels produce more energy than the house uses, the battery will automatically store the surplus solar production. If, however, the meter shows that consumption exceeds production, the battery can cover the excess use with stored energy.

The energy meter will be delivered as three parts:
1 MODBUS energy analyzer
2 x 3-phased current transformers (60amp)

Environmental Surcharge

The environmental surcharge covers the cost of recycling the battery when it no longer functions.

Peace-of-Mind Agreement

10 years’ peace of mind
When you buy a solar cell battery from XOLTA, you can extend your peace of mind by 8 years with a 10-year Peace-of-Mind Agreement.

This 10-year agreement includes:

Mandatory 2-year warranty period

Onsite support: Visit and repair by an authorized installer at your home in the unlikely event the battery does not work optimally

Automatic software updates: You always have a full overview of your battery’s performance in terms of savings, CO2 and purchasing power from the grid

Prepared for changes in net tarriffs: Soon, your XOLTA solar cell battery will be able to use your stored electricity when it makes most sense in relation to future tariff increases

Hotline: Call us at +45 7060 2017 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekdays if you have problems with your battery

24/7/365 monitoring: Every day, around-the-clock, we monitor your battery to ensure optimal and safe functioning

During the 10-years of the Peace-of-Mind Agreement, you get expert support for your solar cell battery at no extra cost. XOLTA works only with authorized electricians who know our advanced products inside and out. No matter what happens to your battery, you will incur no additional charges during the agreement period.

Furthermore, you are assured that your solar cell battery is always up to date. Every day, we’re working to increase the economic benefits of XOLTA’s solar cell batteries.

XOLTA’s Peace-of-Mind Agreement is one of the best on the market. You pay only 495kr/year for the BAT-5 and 595kr/year for the BAT-10, and you’re covered from day 1. You are invoiced annually – initially, when you buy your battery and thereafter at the end of a year passed in the agreement. You cannot enter the agreement at a later point in time; it has to be done at time of purchase of the battery. You can always discontinue the agreement with one month’s notice after the end of the current month. In that case you will be reimbursed for months already paid.

If you do not want XOLTA’s Peace-of-Mind Agreement, you are of course covered by the 2-year, mandatory warranty period. Should you need support from an installer/electrician after this period, it will be invoiced at 750kr/hour + 3.5kr/km for driving. Islands must be connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Technical support

Do you need technical support for your battery, we can be contacted at:
[email protected]
7060 2017 (between 9-16)