Smart Buildings

Earn more money from your PV system, enhance power quality and avoid demand charges
Storage appliccable for:
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industry
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools and campus
  • Public administration buildings
  • Farms

Savings and independence

Increase self-consumption

A battery enables you to consume more of your own energy production. PV systems reach maximum output during midday, but maximum consumption may not happen at the same time. Therefore, the risk is that valuable energy is distributed on the grid at a too low price and you must buy it back later at a higher price. To increase your own consumption and maximize your investment, production and consumption must be aligned. The industry term for this is "Time Shift" and it can only be achieved by the means of energy storage.

Power quality

Advanced technical installations, like production lines, may be sensitive to voltage oscillation in the power coming from the grid. A XOLTA battery will enhance the power quality by keeping the voltage within an agreed range, thereby safeguarding production quality and increase the overall lifetime of your valuable equipment.

Demand Charges

Capacity or demand charges are becoming more common. Smart meters read your consumption pattern and you are charged for an available capacity based on your peak load. Also, higher tariffs may be imposed during peak demand periods where grid capacity is reaching its limit. Low tariffs on the other hand will occur during off peak hours where surplus production from renewable energy sources overtakes demand. A XOLTA battery can do "peak shaving", which means minimizing your maximum grid load as well as shift your consumption to when the cost of electricity is low.


XOLTA BAT-79 stationary battery energy storage system is a cutting edge fully modular, cloud connected system, for storing surplus of the solar energy. The system is designed for maximum energy storage performance and safety and to assure minimal TCO.

Build for safety and long life

Battery Cells

All our products go through rigorous tests to comply with the toughest safety regulations. We use the same battery cells that holds the energy to drive more than 430.000 electric cars around the world. The chemistry used in the XOLTA batteries is Li-ion NMC, providing a safe, high energy density battery with a wide operational temperature band, making it an ideal choice for energy storage.


Each battery module is fitted with temperature sensors monitored by an advanced battery management system securing long lifetime and safe operation. Battery management is our heritage and the XOLTA energy storage system is a product of knowledge accumulated over more than 10 years. The XOLTA battery system is installed with a state of the art n-BMS controlling up to a 1000 V.

Functional safety
  • Self-test and redundancy
  • Open circuit detection
Battery life
  • Manage cell temperature
  • High frequency sampling for detection of pulses
  • Intelligent passive balancing
Performance and diagnostics
  • ±1.5 mV accuracy
  • ±1 °C accuracy
  • <1% error on SOC
  • Low power consumption

The rack holding the XOLTA battery modules is designed for durability and extraordinary safety. For optimal performance li-ion batteries need to be operated within a set temperature environment. Special attention has therefore been invested into testing air flows and designing the rack to secure the right circulation keeping the batteries within their zone of optimal performance at all times.

Inside the rack the battery is made up of 8 individual contained battery modules. The enclosure of each battery module and a further subdivision of these are designed as an effective firewall meeting even the strictest safety regulations.



At Ringgaarden a social housing association in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark is undergoing a major transition.


In Bolzano/Italy a parking house fitted with a 149kW PV installation is connected to a 79 kWh XOLTA battery. EV charging stations will charge the electric vehicles with the energy produced by the PV installation.


Most of the year, Samsø a small danish island , produces more power from solar cells and wind turbines than they can consume locally and therefore exports it to the mainland.


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