The Clausen Family

Jonas Clausen and his family are at the forefront of the green transition, integrating solar cells, an electric car, and Xolta's solar battery into their daily lives.

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The Clausen Family: Embracing a Green Lifestyle with Xolta

Executive Summary
Jonas Clausen and his family are at the forefront of the green transition, integrating solar cells, an electric car, and Xolta’s solar battery into their daily lives. Their commitment to sustainability is driven by a desire to meet their children’s green expectations and to pass on a healthier planet to future generations.

Client Overview: The Clausen Family

Location: Private Residence

Members: 5 (Mom, Dad, and three children aged 2 to 11)

Challenge: To achieve a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle without compromising on home aesthetics or convenience.

The Situation
With a clear vision for a green future, the Clausen family sought a renewable energy solution that blends seamlessly with their lifestyle, emphasizing outdoor placement, design, and digital oversight.

The Solution
Xolta’s solar battery system was the perfect fit for the Clausen family, offering:

  • Outdoor Compatibility: Designed for any weather, eliminating the need for indoor space.
  • Stylish Design: A sleek, discreet look that complements their home.
  • Comprehensive Web App: Real-time insights into battery usage, solar production, and household electricity consumption.

The Outcome

  • Sustainable Living: Achieved a high degree of energy self-sufficiency, using green electricity day and night.
  • Design Satisfaction: The Xolta battery’s outdoor placement and aesthetic appeal enhanced their home environment.
  • Empowered Consumption: The Xolta web app enables the family to optimize their energy use, making their lifestyle both fun and eco-friendly.

“Choosing Xolta has been a game-changer for our family. It’s not just about being green; it’s about living smartly and sustainably. Every trip in our electric car charged with solar energy feels like a victory for the planet,” – Jonas Clausen.

The Clausen family’s story is a testament to the practical and enjoyable aspects of embracing green energy solutions. With Xolta, they’ve found a way to make sustainability an integral, rewarding part of their lives, proving that environmental responsibility can go hand in hand with style and convenience.

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