Combining eletric rail transport and storage

The situation

Light-railway networks and distribution networks were developed independently, and they are highly dependent on the reliability of existing power supplies. However, penetration of renewable energy sources in the energy production mix is growing and this is challenging the reliability and electrical efficiency of both network solutions.

The solution

E-LOBSTER is a unique project that proposes for the first-time integration of renewable sources, electrified road and rail transport with advanced power electronics technologies, and energy storage. These will be managed by a unique Control Management system that will operate considering the mutual benefit of both transport and distribution network, prioritizing the reduction of distribution losses.

The system will be able to make the best use of the available energy on both the grids by increasing their mutual synergies and maximizing the consumption of local Renewable Energy Sources (RES) production through electric energy storages. The system is implemented and tested in the Metro de Madrid due to the high penetration of RES in the local distribution net.

The outcome

  • Reduction of electricity losses by means of an innovative R+G (Railway and Grid) Management system

  • Tool for the real-time monitoring of losses and energy consumption of power distribution networks and railway electrification networks

  • Power Electronics solution for unique management of the energy between traction substation and distribution networks

  • R+G Energy Management System aiming to optimize the interaction between electrified transport and distribution networks using shared assets.

  • Energy Storage: identification and validation of the most suitable storage technology for obtaining synergy between a distribution and railway networks.


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