Compact solar battery


The new solar battery for private homes, smaller businesses and housing associations.


  • Leverage all the solar power you generate
  • Pay less for energy
  • Gain energy independence
  • Track your production and use via the XOLTA app


Increasing tariffs on electricity with greater variability in price throughout the day are expected. Be prepared with a XOLTA solar battery, which is designed to – in the near future – be able store and use electricity when it benefits you most.


XOLTA solar batteries should be placed outside. You decide. The LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery cells are mounted within a galvanized steel box covered by an aluminum shell. LFP is one of the safest battery types on the market. XOLTA batteries are controlled by a Battery Management System (BMS) from Lithium Balance, one of the world’s leading suppliers of functional safety in battery systems. All this ensures an extremely high-quality battery solution.

Unlike most batteries on the market, a XOLTA solar battery is an all-in-one battery. A single box contains all battery units, including the battery inverter. On top of that, the attractive design allows for hanging placement in a visible location. With the choice of two colors for the battery frame and front, you can tailor the battery’s appearance to your preference.

The XOLTA app gives you a comprehensive overview of the power produced by your solar panels, as well as how much of your total electricity use comes from energy you produce. You can also see exactly how much money and CO2 emissions you save.


A XOLTA solar battery can be used with all types of solar panels. The battery is connected directly to the main electrical panel of the house and is thereby independent of the solar panels. From the main electrical panel the battery must also be connected to cabled internet.

A 3-phased consumption and solar production meter is also installed. It controls when the battery should charge and discharge.

The battery operates independently of the solar panels and has its own built-in battery inverter. This means that you do not need an extra battery inverter and thereby an extra box on the wall.

XOLTAs compact batteries are installed by a XOLTA-approved, authorized installer.


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  • Capacity: 5 or 10kWh
  • Battery inverter: 1-phased, 3.6kW
  • Weight: 70 kg (5 kWh), 105 kg (10 kWh)
  • Dimensions (in mm): H772 x W664,5 x D259,5
  • IP55 rating (dust and water jet proof)
  • Silent – no noise from the battery
  • Extremely low standby energy consumption – minimal loss of power
  • More than 6,000 cycles at >70% remaining capacity
  • Specifically designed for year-round use in the Northern European climate
  • Modular – several batteries can be combined as needed
  • Inner box made of galvanized steel
  • Outer shell made of painted or anodized aluminum

Testing and quality

XOLTA’s solar batteries are designed for outdoor installation.
Placement outdoors demands exceptional robustness, since the battery must operate in all types of weather – heat, cold, rain and snow.
We thoroughly test our products to be sure that every single XOLTA solar battery delivers what it promises:
All the benefits of an intelligent solar battery system
The ability to get the most out of your solar cell investment

What and how do we test?

XOLTA’s solar batteries undergo a range of rigorous tests. They also contain components that themselves have had to meet stringent testing requirements.

Before any battery is shipped to consumers, it must pass final testing scrutiny at our laboratory facilities in Skovlunde, Denmark.


The battery must perform perfectly in all weather conditions typical for the climate in which it operates. That’s why we expose the battery to severe frost and extreme heat – to ensure that all battery parts can handle the Nordic climate.

As a rule, a battery discharges fine below freezing but has a harder time charging at very low temperatures. We therefore test that the specially designed heating plates maintain an ideal battery pack temperature. This ensures that the battery also can charge on a cold, sunny winter day.

What’s more, the battery must be able to get rid of heat, as high temperatures can affect the battery cells and shorten their lifetime. That’s why we also test that the silent, convection cooling system is working appropriately.


Nordic weather offers many days of high humidity, rain and snow. Humidity can result in condensation that harms vital battery parts. But the battery’s inner box of galvanized steel hermetically seals off these vital parts, preventing humidity from entering.

We expose the inner box to a humid environment to be 100% sure that it protects the inner components of the battery from condensation.

Radiant heat

No matter where a XOLTA battery is placed, the outer shell must never have a surface temperature high enough to burn oneself on. The shell must also protect the vital parts inside the battery’s inner box.

We expose the battery to high radiant heat and test that the outer shell does what it should: ensure a comfortable surface temperature and protect the inner box from overheating.


The last test we conduct ensures battery robustness.

We need to make sure that the battery can handle transportation from production to storage and from storage to consumer. That’s why we put the battery through a vibration test.

We also test that the battery can withstand bumps and blows. It must be able to handle being hit by any kind of ball if placed in the yard. It must be impossible to break apart. And even the smallest, most curious fingers should not be able to find their way to the battery.

By the way, the XOLTA solar battery system is silent and contains neither a compressor nor a fan.


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