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Empower your home or small business with the smart energy solution designed to maximize efficiency, ensure reliability, and turn your energy system into a profitable asset.

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About the XOLTA HEIM

Transform your energy management with the XOLTA HEIM—a state-of-the-art battery system designed to future-proof your home or small business. With XOLTA HEIM, you not only store excess solar energy efficiently but also gain the ability to support the grid and earn additional income through smart energy transactions.

Energy Production: Utilize solar panels to generate energy, storing any excess in the XOLTA HEIM system for later use or for earning revenue.

Grid Support: Leverage the XOLTA HEIM to sell stored energy back to the grid during peak demand times or when electricity prices are high, enhancing grid stability and earning an income.

Seamless Compensation: With XOLTA taking care of metering and billing, homeowners effortlessly receive payments for their contributions to the grid, simplifying the financial benefits of the system.

Technical specifications

Explore the detailed technical specifications of XOLTA HEIM
to understand how our technology meets your specific home or small business needs.



Nominal energy


Battery chemistry

Li-ion LFP

Grid connection voltage

3 x 400V AC

Ambient temperature

-20°C to 35°C


D350mm x W750mm x H1800mm



Protection rating



Ability to connect multiple racks

Addressing energy challenges with HEIM

Combat rising costs with smart energy storage

Electricity prices are rising and homeowners are often struggling with high energy bills. With the XOLTA HEIM system, you can store excess solar energy generated during off-peak hours and use it during peak hours, significantly reducing your dependence on expensive grid power. This not only lowers your monthly bills, but also protects you from price fluctuations.

Maximize your solar investment

It is not uncommon for solar panels to generate more energy than your home can immediately consume. Without proper storage, this excess energy flows back into the grid — often with little benefit to you. The XOLTA HEIM captures this excess energy and stores it for when you need it most. This ensures that you maximize the benefits of your solar system and reduce overall energy waste.

Enhance your energy independence

Many homeowners face the challenges of an outdated and unreliable power grid that can lead to unexpected outages and an unstable power supply. By integrating the XOLTA HEIM, you gain better control over your energy needs, reduce your dependence on the power grid and increase your home’s resilience to external power interruptions.

Accelerate your solar returns

The initial cost of solar panels can be a barrier to their adoption. However, the XOLTA HEIM increases the economic return on your solar systems by allowing you to store and strategically utilise your solar energy — not only lowering your bills, but also potentially making money through smart grid contributions. This faster ROI makes solar investments more attractive and financially viable.

Key features and benefits

Learn how the XOLTA HEIM can benefit your home or small business.

Maximize Returns Through Smart Energy Management

Combine the financial benefits of grid support with effective energy management. By automatically selling excess energy back to the grid during peak times, not only do you support overall grid stability, but you also generate additional income. XOLTA streamlines the process of energy trading, making it effortless for you to enhance the ROI of your solar investments.

Ensure Continuous Operation During Power Outages

Never worry about interruptions again with XOLTA HEIM’s reliable full-load backup capability. During power outages, XOLTA HEIM automatically kicks in, keeping your essential appliances and operations running smoothly without a hitch, ensuring peace of mind and operational continuity.

Live Life Uninterrupted

The HEIM system automatically adjusts energy usage based on solar production, grid demand, and electricity pricing, ensuring that you always have a stable power supply without having to manually manage settings. This hands-free optimisation allows you to go about your daily life as usual, while also having the peace of mind of knowing that you are using energy in the most efficient way possible.

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