Advanced Energy Management System

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What is an Energy Management System? (EMS)

Imagine an intelligent system that manages how and when your battery consumes energy. That’s what XOLTA’s Energy Management System or EMS does. It’s like the brain of our battery systems, making them work not only harder, but smarter.

How does XOLTA’s EMS improve your energy experience?

XOLTA's powerful EMS

XOLTA’s EMS is a cutting-edge technology that makes our batteries such as the BAT-5/10 and BAT-80 more than just energy storage devices. They become intelligent tools that adapt to your energy needs in real time.

Cloud-based platform

XOLTA’s EMS runs on a secure, cloud-based platform that offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. This advanced infrastructure enables real-time data analysis and decision making, facilitates seamless integration with various energy sources and adapts effortlessly to changing grid conditions.

Continuous optimization

Our EMS is designed to continuously analyze a variety of factors — weather conditions, spot prices, energy demand and grid stability. By processing this data in real-time, the EMS ensures that your energy storage always operates at peak efficiency, minimizing costs and maximizing savings.

Adaptive response

In the dynamic world of energy, quick adaptation is key. XOLTA’s EMS is characterised by its ability to respond immediately to changes, such as a drop in wind turbine output or unexpected peaks in demand. This responsiveness maintains energy efficiency, supports critical grid stability, and protects your operations from fluctuations and interruptions.

Grid support

Beyond personal cost savings and efficiency, XOLTA’s EMS contributes significantly to overall grid balancing efforts. When not all of the stored energy is needed, the EMS can automatically divert excess energy to support the grid, increasing overall resilience and reliability.

Key features of XOLTA’s EMS

Discover why our EMS helps take your battery system to the next level.

Sophisticated energy management

Managing energy effectively requires more than just intuition; it requires intelligent systems. XOLTA’s EMS simplifies complex decision-making by automating energy management tasks, ensuring optimal operation without constant user intervention.

Maximized performance

With XOLTA’s EMS, every kilowatt of your stored energy is fully utilised. The system ensures that the operation of your battery is always geared towards the best economic and operational results, improving both performance and lifespan of the battery.

Time-of-use optimization

Take advantage of different energy tariffs with the time-of-use optimization of our EMS. By intelligently managing when to store and when to use your stored energy, the EMS helps to significantly reduce your energy costs, especially during peak pricing times.

Cloud-Based connectivity

Stay connected to your system anywhere, anytime. The cloud-based nature of XOLTA’s EMS means you can monitor and manage your energy consumption from any internet-enabled device, making it easy and convenient to monitor your energy system.

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