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XOLTA Battery Applications

Discover the many applications of XOLTA batteries designed to improve your energy management and optimize your energy use. Whether for commercial or home use, our batteries offer solutions tailored to your needs and help you maximize the benefits of your energy system.

From grid support to emergency backup, discover how XOLTA batteries can transform the way you use energy.

Time of use optimization

Manage energy costs smartly 

Utilize your XOLTA battery to strategically use energy at optimal times. Save energy when costs are low and use it when prices peak, ensuring you pay less while maintaining your energy needs efficiently.

Peak shaving

Reduce high energy costs for businesses 

Ideal for commercial entities, peak shaving with XOLTA batteries minimizes energy costs by reducing electricity demand during peak periods. Charge your batteries when rates are low and use stored energy when rates are high, balancing your energy consumption and reducing peak demand charges.

Back-up power

Reliable power in emergencies

Ensure continuity with XOLTA batteries as your backup power source during outages. Automatically switching to battery power during interruptions, XOLTA provides a seamless transition to keep your essential operations running without a hitch.

Solar power self-consumption

Maximize your solar investment 

Don’t let the excess electricity from your solar panels go to waste. Store it in a XOLTA battery and use it during overcast days or nighttime, reducing your dependence on the grid and enhancing your self-sufficiency.

Frequency Control Reserve (FCR)

Stabilize the grid in milliseconds 

Participate in FCR programs with your XOLTA battery to help maintain grid frequency at optimal levels. By quickly responding to frequency fluctuations, you contribute to grid stability and can earn additional revenue through compensation from grid operators.

Comprehensive grid support services

Broaden your impact on grid efficiency

Beyond FCR, engage in a variety of grid support services with XOLTA batteries. From voltage regulation to additional ancillary services, you’ll help make the grid more resilient and efficient, while potentially offsetting the cost of your solar battery system with the revenue generated.

Find out how XOLTA’s range of applications can meet your specific needs, whether you want to save costs, support the grid or ensure energy reliability in your home or business.