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Make your home work smarter

Our solutions are designed to tackle real issues like rising energy costs and getting the most from your solar panels. With XOLTA, your home uses energy more effectively, reducing your energy bills and ensuring that your solar investment pays for itself faster.

Our battery systems store extra solar power when it’s abundant, such as during the brightest hours of the day, and use it when it’s needed most, such as in the evening or on cloudy days. This means you rely less on buying expensive electricity from the grid and more on the energy you generate yourself. This is a simple way to make your energy consumption at home more efficient and cost-effective.

Stabilise your energy costs

Are you feeling the effects of rising energy costs? XOLTA’s systems help you manage and reduce your energy costs by storing surplus solar energy when costs are low and using it when tariffs are high. Take control of your energy bills and protect yourself from price fluctuations.

Maximize your solar investment

Not getting enough out of your solar panels? Our intelligent energy management systems ensure that no kilowatt goes to waste. Store surplus solar energy during peak hours and use it when you need it most, maximizing your solar panels’ efficiency and reducing your reliance on the grid.

Enhance energy reliability

While our current models like the BAT-5 and BAT-10 focus on optimizing your energy usage rather than providing backup power, they significantly enhance your energy self-sufficiency, ensuring you make the most of your energy resources.

Ensure a worthwhile ROI

Are you concerned about the cost-effectiveness of solar investments? XOLTA’s home solutions are designed to speed up return on investment by improving energy efficiency and reducing running costs. With durable design and efficient performance, our systems prove to be a smart investment, often contributing to increasing the value of your home.

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