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Powerful energy solutions for companies

Discover XOLTA’s comprehensive range of commercial solutions tailored to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in various business environments. From efficient EV charging systems to specialized solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and critical infrastructure, XOLTA offers advanced energy storage systems that meet the unique needs of modern businesses.

EV Charging Solutions

Innovative energy supply for electric vehicles

XOLTA’s battery systems are revolutionizing electric vehicle charging by providing efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions, reducing dependence on the grid and offering a greener approach to electric vehicle charging. XOLTA is ideal for locations with limited grid coverage and ensures fast charging options for electric vehicles in urban and rural areas.

SME Solutions

Customized energy solutions for growing businesses

Small and medium-sized enterprises benefit significantly from XOLTA’s energy solutions, which help to manage energy costs, improve sustainability and ensure uninterrupted power supply. Our systems are designed to adapt to the specific energy needs of SMEs, ensuring operational efficiency and resilience.

Critical Infrastructure Solutions

Reliable energy for essential services

For sectors where reliability is critical, such as healthcare, data centers and manufacturing, XOLTA offers robust power solutions that ensure continuous operation. Our batteries provide essential backup power and support peak shaving to maintain continuity and reduce operating costs in critical situations.

Why Choose XOLTA for your commercial needs?

Discover how our commercial solutions can transform your energy management.

Scalable Energy Solutions

Adapt and grow your energy capacities as your business expands. XOLTA's scalable solutions are designed to meet the increasing energy demands of any size and type of business, without the need for a costly infrastructure overhaul.

Cost-Effective Energy Management

Reduce your operating costs with intelligent energy systems from XOLTA. Our technology optimizes energy use, minimizes waste and lowers energy bills. And with potential revenue from participation in grid services, XOLTA turns your energy system into a potential profit center.

Robust and Reliable

Rely on robust systems that ensure continuous operation. XOLTA’s energy solutions provide critical support during power outages, protect your operations from grid irregularities and improve the overall energy resilience of your business.

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