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The situation

Trigeparken part of Ringgaarden a social housing association in the suburbs of Aarhus, Denmark is undergoing a major transition. Not only are the buildings being visually modernized, but also achieving a higher energy efficiency through e.g. improved insulating materials and rooftop PV panels mounted to provide the inhabitants with clean locally produced energy. However, owing to the variability of the solar resource, the electricity production of the PV panels may exceed the electricity consumption during certain hours of the day. In addition, the PV panels do not generate any electricity at night, despite the inhabitants’ needs for electricity at that time.

The solution

Ringgården housing association has ordered a large XOLTA BESS with a capacity of 120 kWh. The BESS consists of two racks, one containing new batteries, and the other one containing cheaper second-life batteries. The BESS will be used to store the excess energy produced by the PV panels to deliver it at a later time when needed by the inhabitants of the buildings. The aggregated consumption of the buildings is constantly monitored by our cloud-based software, which in addition to consumption considers weather forecasting and energy prices for constant optimization of the battery utilization. The solution is part of the EU funded climate project READY with the aim of testing new green technologies. The project is managed by COWI.

The outcome

  • Cleaner electricity produced locally
  • Cheaper electricity

  • New applications for second-life car batteries


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