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Future-proof your business with our modular, intelligent battery system designed for maximum sustainability and independence.

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About the BAT-80

The BAT-80 is a next-generation energy storage system designed for commercial businesses seeking reliability, sustainability, and independence from the grid.

Seamlessly Adaptable:
Fully modular and cloud-connected, BAT-80 is tailored to meet any commercial energy storage and power management needs.

Advanced Technology:
Utilizes cutting-edge lithium-ion technology and a smart energy management system that maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs.

Energy Independence:
Achieve a reliable, uninterrupted energy supply and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Technical specifications

Explore the detailed technical specifications of BAT-80
to understand how our technology meets your specific business needs.


25kW up to 60kW

Nominal energy


Battery chemistry

Li-ion LFP

Grid connection voltage

3 x 400V AC

Ambient temperature

-25°C to 35°C


D800mm x W845mm x H2170mm



Protection rating



Ability to connect multiple racks

Designed to tackle unique commercial challenges

Cut down on climbing costs with smart energy management

Are demand charges impacting your bottom line? BAT-80’s intelligent energy management system precisely optimizes your power usage, targeting peak hours to reduce dependency on the grid and cut back on those sky-high demand charges. Embrace efficiency and transform a major pain point into a pivotal cost-saving opportunity.

Scale smartly with flexible energy solutions that grow with you

Concerned about over-investing in inflexible energy solutions? BAT-80’s sleek, modular design grows alongside your business. Start with what you need and expand as your requirements grow, ensuring you never pay for excess capacity that isn’t necessary.

Meet sustainability targets with confidence

Under pressure to meet environmental regulations? BAT-80 aids your business in exceeding sustainability goals. By integrating seamlessly with renewable energy sources, BAT-80 not only reduces your carbon emissions but also strengthens your compliance with evolving environmental standards.

Stay powered during outages with grid independence guaranteed

Ever feel vulnerable during grid failures? With BAT-80, reliance on unpredictable grid power is a thing of the past. Our reliable fallback power ensures your operations continue smoothly, without the risk of interruptions or financial losses, keeping your business running no matter what.

Key features and benefits

Explore why the BAT-80 is the superior choice for forward-thinking businesses.

Modularity and scalability

Grow your energy storage as your business expands. Our compact, modular design ensures that you only invest in what you need, with the flexibility to add more capacity anytime.

Energy management

Powered by intelligent software, BAT-80 monitors and optimizes your energy usage patterns, allowing you to make the most of your investment and save costs on demand charges.


Connect to any power source – solar, wind, or hydro – and ensure maximum usage of generated energy, minimizing grid dependency.


Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and participating in the grid-balancing market.


Ensure uninterrupted operations with our fallback power source, safeguarding your business against grid outages and disruptions.

Data Driven

Tap into the intelligent data analysis that monitors weather patterns, energy consumption, and electricity prices in real-time. You get maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

How it works

Watch to see the BAT-80 in action.

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Close up of engineer hand is checking an operation of sun and cleanliness of photovoltaic solar pane

Supporting Products

Enhance Your Energy Security with the Back-Up Unit’s Island Mode

For businesses that cannot afford interruptions in their power supply, the optional Back-Up Unit for the BAT-80 offers a robust solution. Featuring the advanced Island Mode, this unit ensures that your operations remain seamless and uninterrupted, even during grid outages.

Island Mode allows the BAT-80, equipped with the Back-Up Unit, to operate independently from the main electrical grid. In the event of a grid failure, it automatically switches to providing power to critical business operations, ensuring continuous functionality without any disruptions. This mode is essential for maintaining business continuity, particularly in sectors where consistent power is critical.

Reliable Backup Power:
Automatically activates during power outages to maintain critical operations, preventing productivity losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Sustainable Solution:
Offers a greener alternative to diesel generators, aligning with modern sustainability goals by utilizing cleaner energy.

Reduces potential economic losses during power disruptions and eliminates the ongoing costs associated with diesel generator maintenance.

Enhanced Independence:
Provides businesses with greater control over their energy use, ensuring operational stability regardless of external power issues.

Invest in the BAT-80 Back-Up Unit today and safeguard your business against the unexpected. Contact us to learn more about how this technology can fortify your energy infrastructure.

Customer Success Stories

Hear from our customers how the BAT-80 has transformed their operations and contributed to their financial and environmental goals.

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