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The situation

Most of the year, Samsø a small danish island ,produces more power from solar cells and wind turbines than what can be consumed locally. The excess power is therefore consequently exported to the mainland. However when large number of tourists comes to Samsø in summer, the number of people is sevenfold with a high concentration in the popular yacht marina in Ballen. Cooking dinner, washing clothes and listening to music dramatically increases the power consumption. This is more than the local solar panels can deliver at one time.

The solution

Excess solar energy, which the tourists do not consume, can now be stored in the large XOLTA 240 kWh batteries positioned on the yacht marina in Ballen Harbor. The consumption of the yacht marina is constantly monitored by the intelligent cloud-based software, which in addition to consumption considers weather forecasting and energy prices for constant optimization of the battery utilization.

The outcome

The whole energy system is connected in a smart grid, so we maximize the usage of renewable energy, where the batteries play a central role. For example, we can use the power from the batteries on the wastewater and heat pumps at night if we know that it’s becoming a sunny day the next day, says Jan Jantzen, project manager at Samsø Energy Academy.

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