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Efficiently store and manage your solar energy, ensuring continuous power and reduced energy expenses.

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The future of home energy storage

Meet the XOLTA  BAT-5 and BAT-10: the future of home energy solutions designed to complement your solar panels perfectly.

Optimal Energy Utilization: Leverage solar power to its fullest potential with intelligent energy storage.

Safety and Design: Benefit from the safest battery technology housed in an elegantly designed unit that complements your home.

Enhanced Self-Sufficiency: Store surplus energy for when you need it most. Maximize your investment, minimize your grid reliance.

Technical Specifications

Explore the detailed technical specifications of BAT-5 and BAT-10
to understand how our technology meets the requirements of your home.


3.6kW up to 10.8kW

Nominal energy


Battery chemistry

Li-ion LFP

Grid connection voltage

1 x 230V AC

Ambient temperature

-25°C to 35°C


D259.5mm x W664,5mm x H772mm



Protection rating



Ability to connect multiple racks

Solving home energy challenges with BAT-5/10

Slash high electricity bills with smart storage

Feeling the pinch of rising electricity costs? The BAT-5 and BAT-10 optimize energy usage with time-of-use features, letting you store energy when it’s cheapest and use it when rates are high, effectively reducing your monthly bills.

Never waste a watt with advanced energy storage

Maximize every ray of sunshine. Unlike traditional setups where excess solar energy goes to waste, our BAT-5/10 systems ensure that the surplus energy you generate boosts your self-consumption, keeping your home powered even when the sun isn’t shining.

Ensure reliability with grid independence

Tired of grid unpredictability? The BAT-5 and BAT-10 enhance your home’s energy resilience by intelligently planning the storage and usage of your solar energy, ensuring you make the most of your solar investment regardless of grid conditions.

Powering your contribution to a greener planet

Take a significant step towards sustainability. By integrating BAT-5/10 with your solar panels, you’re not just cutting costs—you’re also reducing your carbon footprint and supporting global environmental efforts.

Key Features and Benefits

Learn more about how the BAT-5 and BAT-10 enhances your home’s energy efficiency.

Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology

Ensures safety and longevity with up to 10 years of warranty. This technology is recognized for its stability and durability, giving you peace of mind about your home energy storage solution.

All-in-One Design

Each unit combines the battery and inverter into a single stylish case, available in two color options to suit your aesthetic preference. This elegant, compact design simplifies installation and enhances the appearance of your home's exterior.

Smart Energy Management

Through the XOLTA app, track your energy production and consumption, see your savings in real-time, and manage your system with ease. This feature empowers you to make informed decisions about your energy use, optimizing your household's efficiency.

Optimized Energy Savings with Time-of-Use Features

This intelligent management of energy helps you avoid the high costs associated with peak times, keeping your electricity bills lower.

Maximize Self-Consumption of Solar Energy

With advanced solar power self-consumption capabilities, you keep and use more of the energy you produce, reducing reliance on the grid and fossil fuels, and ensuring your home is powered sustainably, day or night.

Empower Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

By storing surplus solar energy, you decrease dependency on non-renewable power sources and enhance your contribution to the green transition, promoting a cleaner environment.

How it works

Understand how the BAT-5 and BAT-10 integrate seamlessly with your home's solar panels and electrical system to enhance energy efficiency and provide reliable power backup.

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Discover how homeowners have transformed their energy usage with the XOLTA BAT-5 and BAT-10.

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