XOLTA Grid Support Services

Contribute to grid stability and benefit financially.

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Enhance grid stability and earn revenue

Investing in XOLTA’s HEIM and BAT-80 allows you to actively participate in grid support services, a critical function in today’s energy landscape. By integrating a XOLTA battery into your system, you not only contribute to stabilizing the local energy grid, but also open up a new revenue stream.

What is grid balancing?
Grid balancing is essential for maintaining the reliability and stability of the electricity grid. It involves matching the electricity supply with fluctuating demand in real- time. XOLTA batteries play a central role in this by absorbing surplus energy in times of low demand or generating surpluses and rereleasing them in times of high demand. This not only stabilizes the grid, but also prevents potential power outages and voltage dips.

Why is grid support necessary?

Increasing electricity demand
Modern lifestyles and technologies, from electric vehicles to smart homes, are placing unprecedented demands on power grids.

Risk of grid instability
Without effective balancing solutions, there’s a higher risk of outages, which can disrupt businesses and homes alike.

Environmental impact
Over-reliance on non-renewable energy during peak times can increase carbon emissions and environmental degradation.

Benefits of participating in grid support services

Revenue Opportunities

By allowing your stored energy to be used for grid services, you can earn payments that help to offset your initial investment in the battery system.

Improved Efficiency

The EMS within XOLTA batteries optimizes when to store and release energy, ensuring operations are as cost-effective as possible.

Grid Reliability

Your participation helps to stabilize the grid, ensuring reliable power for the community and reducing the occurrence of blackouts and service interruptions.

Sustainable Energy Use

Utilizing batteries for grid support promotes the use of renewable energy sources and reduces dependence on fossil-fuel-based power during peak times.

Operational Continuity

XOLTA’s HEIM and BAT-80 ensure that these critical operations can continue uninterrupted during power outages.

Participate with Ease

XOLTA manages the participation in grid services on your behalf, giving you a hassle-free way to contribute without having to interact directly with energy markets.

Ready to play a part in grid stability?

Join other forward-thinking businesses and homeowners by choosing XOLTA’s HEIM and BAT-80 for reliable, profitable, and environmentally friendly grid support services. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started.