Every time we deliver a XOLTA system, we’re excited. Because the world gets a bit more sustainable. And our customers get a lot more from their solar panels.

Here are just a few examples of the customers we’ve had the privilege to serve.

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Climate nerd has chosen XOLTA

Jonas Clausen and his family have already come a long way towards green transition. Solar panels on the roof, electric car in the driveway and XOLTA solar battery on the wall by the terrace.

The XOLTA battery was the missing piece

When Andreas Sørensen, Facility Manager, bought a house in 2018, he knew that the house needed to be as green and sustainable as possible. He also knew that the family had bought a project. Because the house from 1967 was in no way energy-efficient. But it is now.

Housing cooperatives have climate high on their agenda

More and more housing cooperatives are investing in solar panels and solar batteries to increase their sustainability and save on electricity costs.



Ringgården housing association has a large XOLTA battery system with a capacity of 120 kWh. The batteries will store the excess energy produced by the PV panels for use at a later time.



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