Grid support

Enable the penetration of renewable energy with on demand regulation and capacity

Storage appliccable for:

  • Frequency support
  • Voltage support
  • Peak shaving
  • Load balancing
  • Harmonic filtering

Grid services

Peak Shaving

Energy demand is rising with an ever increasing number of applications relying on a steady supply of electricity. Primary drivers of demand are electrification of cars and widespread usage of heat pumps for heating and cooling of our living spaces.

XOLTA self contained battery units connects easily to the low and medium voltage grid for local temporary or permanent peak shaving service. Power stored during times of excess energy production and low consumption is distributed on demand.

Frequency Support

Wind and sun dictates when energy is produced and with it comes increased volatility in the grid. Energy storage is therefore inevitable to balance the energy system.

XOLTA energy storage systems offers a cost-effective modular solution to meet requirements in the cross boarder frequency regulation market. Our modular design makes up or down scaling easy while redundancy is secured for non stop power access.

Voltage support

During periods of high PV or wind production in low demand periods there is a need for voltage support.

XOLTA energy storage systems offers a service that stabilize feeder line voltage close to where the system is installed by injecting and absorbing active/reactive power to and from the grid.


XOLTA BAT-80 stationary outdoor battery energy storage system is a cutting edge fully modular, cloud connected system. The system is designed for maximum energy storage performance and safety and to assure minimal TCO.

Built for safety and long life

Battery Cells

All our products go through rigorous tests to comply with the toughest safety regulations. We use the same battery cells that hold the energy to drive more than 430.000 electric cars around the world. The chemistry used in the XOLTA batteries is Li-ion LFP, providing a safe, high energy density battery with a wide operational temperature band, making it an ideal choice for energy storage.


Each battery module is fitted with temperature sensors monitored by an advanced battery management system, securing long lifetime and safe operation. Battery management is our heritage and the XOLTA energy storage system is a product of knowledge accumulated over more than 10 years. The XOLTA battery system is installed with a state of the art n-BMS controlling up to a 1000 V.

Functional safety

  • Self-test and redundancy
  • Open circuit detection

Battery life

  • Manage cell temperature
  • High frequency sampling for detection of pulses
  • Intelligent passive balancing

Performance and diagnostics

  • ±1.5 mV accuracy
  • ±1 °C accuracy
  • <1% error on SOC
  • Low power consumption

The rack holding the XOLTA battery modules is designed for durability and extraordinary safety. For optimal performance, Li-ion batteries are needed to be operated within a set temperature environment. Special attention has therefore been invested into testing air flows and designing the rack to secure the right circulation keeping the batteries within their zone of optimal performance at all times.

Inside the rack the battery is made up of 8 individual contained battery modules. The enclosure of each battery module and a further subdivision of these are designed as an effective firewall meeting even the strictest safety regulations.


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