Every time we deliver a XOLTA system, we’re excited. Because the world gets a bit more sustainable. And our customers get a lot more from their solar cells.

Here are just a few examples of the customers we’ve had the privilege to serve.


Ringgården housing association has a large XOLTA battery system with a capacity of 120 kWh. The batteries will store the excess energy produced by the PV panels for use at a later time.

Combining eletric rail transport and storage

E-LOBSTER is a unique project that proposes for the first-time integration of renewable sources, electrified road and rail transport with advanced power electronics technologies, and energy storage.


In Bolzano, Italy a parking house is fitted with a 149kW PV installation to support a fleet of electric vehicles. A 79 kWh XOLTA energy storage battery is installed to store surplus PV production during the day and supply the EV charging during mornings and evenings.

Grid-side storage

A PV plant with 75 kW power has been installed at a sports arena in Skive and during sunny days the voltage level on the local feeder line fluctuates, requiring voltage support for voltage level balancing. Installation of an energy storage with an energy flux control algorithm postpones battery charging until the solar-peak.


When large number of tourists comes to Samsø in summer, the number of people is sevenfold with a high concentration in the popular yacht marina in Ballen. This dramatically increases the power consumption and is more than the local solar panels can deliver at one time. Excess solar energy, which the tourists do not consume, can now be stored in the large XOLTA 240 kWh batteries positioned on the yacht marina in Ballen Harbor.