How Green solutions can save on energy costs

The situation

Ottosson Färgmakeri has been producing linseed oil paints for more than 30 years and is the world’s largest manufacturer today. Due to the organic nature of the products created by Ottosson Färgmakeri, CEO Gunnar Ottosson decided to implement a climate friendly approach to energy usage at their production facility in Sweden.  

The solution

Ottosson Färgmakeri is a classic example of how investing in green energy solutions, combined with intelligent energy storage and utilization, can help businesses stay self-sufficient and ultimately save production costs while improving energy availability. 

By combining Xolta’s BAT-80 energy storage solution with an on-site windmill and solar panels, Ottosson Färgmakeri is now able to generate and store green energy to cover all their production needs. This means that Ottosson Färgmakeri is now capable of supplying their own energy on-site and store this energy via Xolta’s BAT-80 – simultaneously making production more cost effective and climate friendly. 

The outcome

  • Self-sufficient energy generation, storage and utilization

  • Cost effective approach to powering production purely with renewable energy

  • Simultaneously combining climate friendly production while saving on energy costs 


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