XOLTA in promising collaboration with Australian infrastructure provider

Sensata Technologies and XOLTA have partnered with Ultegra, an Australian supplier of electricity infrastructure solutions, to create a local hub for its energy storage solutions

The partnership offers practical solutions for energy distribution companies moving towards low carbon electricity grids.

XOLTA has identified a strong demand in the Australian market for batteries which complement the country’s growing demand for energy from renewable sources. Battery technology stores electricity or feeds it back into the grid dependent on customer demand and when renewable energy is available.

XOLTA’s batteries are compact and have been tested specifically for Australia’s weather conditions. The collaboration with Ultegra establishes a strong local reseller of the technology who will also support installation and provide after sales service.

We have found a highly professional partner in Ultegra. It is a company with in-depth knowledge of the power grid which can carry out the installation of XOLTA batteries and service them afterwards. With this partnership, we believe that all the pieces have fallen into place. We are collaborating with a company that has similar ambitions in renewable energy, and that makes us a good match,” says Business Development Manager Bendt Iversen from XOLTA.

Ultegra has a strong track record in service delivery and its 60 employees are specialists in providing infrastructure solutions for the electrical grid. Ultegra is part of the larger Citywide Group, based in Australia’s southernmost state of Victoria. 

“We are delighted to partner with a global company that is committed to the production of high-quality battery energy storage systems. XOLTA’s knowledge, gained through R&D and the distribution of batteries in the European market, will provide valuable insights with product knowledge and marketing strategies in Australia. We believe this partnership will help us to become the primary distributor of industrial/commercial battery systems in the Australian market,” says Craig Willebrand, Pre-Contracts Manager at Ultegra.

XOLTA batteries are built as 79kWh building blocks, that can be combined and scaled as the need for energy storage increases. In addition, XOLTA’s battery systems have the advantage of taking up less space than most other systems on the market, they are tested for outdoor installation and to withstand temperatures as high as 50°C.

“I think there are opportunities for XOLTA in this market, as Australia is going through a PV boom at the moment. The next logical step is to store any excess energy generated by PV in solar batteries,” says Craig Willebrand.

Ultegra will soon start testing the first battery units from XOLTA, and both companies expect a lot from the collaboration. 


XOLTA is the largest Danish manufacturer of batteries for both grid support and energy storage. The solutions can be used both by private homeowners as well as by housing associations, companies, and others with own solar installations.

XOLTA is part of the Clean Energy Solutions business within Sensata Technologies.  Sensata Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions.


About Ultegra

Ultegra was established in 2003 as UEA Electrical Pty Ltd, primarily operating in the contestable electrical design and construction markets. Since then, and with the continued acquisition of key contracts direct to utility owners, major contractors, developers and builders, the business has undergone significant growth and development, as more than just a contractor, but as a service delivery partner. This, along with the strategic recruitment and development of talented, culturally aligned and highly motivated people, assists with our continued success into the future.



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