The XOLTA battery was the missing piece

When Andreas Sørensen, Facility Manager, bought a house in 2018, he knew that the house needed to be as green and sustainable as possible. He also knew that the family had bought a project. Because the house from 1967 was in no way energy-efficient. But it is now. From top to bottom. And the solar battery from XOLTA was the missing piece.

“During the renovation of our house, the goal was to implement one big, green solution. Reduce electricity consumption, disconnect from the gas network and, instead, install heat pumps, solar cells and a solar battery. The battery stores the solar energy we produce during the day and we use it when we get home or when it makes the most sense. So, the solar battery makes our solar cells intelligent. It is ingenious!” says Andreas Sørensen, who checks his XOLTA web app several times a day to monitor the performance of his system.

Self-sufficient – almost

The family’s solar cells are located on the garage roof. The solar cells are water-cooled and thereby high-performing. The hot water from the solar cells is led into the heat pump in the basement. The produced electricity is stored in the XOLTA battery located in the carport. The family is, therefore, largely self-sufficient for heat and electricity for both their house and their car.

“I am so thrilled about our solution, and I love talking to neighbors and other passers-by about the things we have done to the house. Even the municipality has been by and can see the idea. That the battery is the piece that makes sense. Why buy electricity when you can produce and store it yourself? Looking five years ahead, I believe that legislation in the EU will ensure that all people with solar batteries can sell excess power to whoever they want to. I think we will become independent of the electricity companies, because that is what benefits the environment and consumption the most”, Andreas Sørensen concludes.


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