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Where innovation meets sustainability

We specialize in advanced battery systems that increase energy efficiency and independence for both commercial businesses and private households. At XOLTA, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in energy storage and management, helping you harness and optimize your energy consumption for a greener future.

Discover how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your approach to energy.

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Empowering businesses with advanced energy solutions

We understand the different energy needs of modern businesses, from small enterprises to large industrial operations. Our commercial solutions solve challenges across multiple sectors, from electric vehicle charging stations, critical infrastructure, and more.

Our flagship commercial battery, the BAT-80, reduces reliance on the grid, ensures uninterrupted operations, and offers a scalable and adaptable solution for sustainable-focused businesses.

Robust Scalability

Grid Independence

Enhanced Efficiency

Revolutionize your home energy use

We are committed to improving the way we use energy at home. Our product range, including the innovative BAT-5/10 and XOLTA HEIM systems, is aimed at homeowners who want to maximize the benefits of solar energy, improve energy efficiency and live sustainably.

XOLTA home solutions provide the tools you need for an energy efficient and sustainable lifestyle at home.

Intelligent Energy Management

Sustainable Living


Why choose XOLTA?

Discover why XOLTA is the preferred choice for innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Cutting-edge technological innovation

Leading with cutting-edge technology to streamline energy use.

Dependable, long-lasting performance

We deliver outstanding quality products that power your essential needs.

Unmatched quality assurance

Premium products infused with Danish design and engineered for durability.

Commitment to sustainability

We are committed to reducing environmental impact for a cleaner planet.

Focused customer support

Our dedicated support ensures optimal performance and satisfaction.

Adaptive, versatile solutions

Solutions tailored to meet diverse energy needs and scales.

Introducing XOLTA HEIM

We are proud to showcase our latest product launch. The most powerful battery for private households, the XOLTA HEIM.

XOLTA is proudly owned by the Ebbefos Foundation

The Ebbefos Foundation proudly owns XOLTA, channeling its profits into humanitarian efforts that support children in need. This unique ownership ensures that our dedication to green energy innovation is matched by a commitment to creating positive change worldwide.

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See XOLTA in action and explore real-world applications of our solutions.

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